Law Firm Pieri


Activity Fields

Labor Law and Trade Union / Industrial Relations

In the fields of public work and private work, the Study - oriented to the protection of workers' rights - provides counseling, extrajudicial assistance, judicial and extrajudicial defense dealing, among others, topics such as

Welfare and security law

Social security/welfare institutes care disputes/insurance all and also for retirement benefitsor in the field of civil disability or accompanying bonus.

Family law

Separation and divorce, counseling and legal assistance

Medical/health responsibility

Protection of the right to compensation for personal injury (caused by medical error/healthcare, medical negligence)

Protection of the rights of the disabled individual's

Protection of the fundamental rights of the handicapped person in each field: at school, in relations with the public administration (in school) as well as any of his insertion. All in accordance with the principle of non-discrimination, the prohibition of discrimination (including discrimination through judicial proceedings).